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A wide selection of luxury properties for sale in East Coast Sarasota Florida and surrounding areas and exclusive mansions and penthouse suites in California and Beverly hills.

Castle villa

Stunning Historic Villa in Sarasota

Large villa in Sarasota

3640 BENEVA OAKS BLVD, Sarasota, FL 34238

  • Location: Florida, Sarasota
  • Amenities: Air Conditioning, Close to Shops, 2 Car Garage, Villa, Fireplace, En-Suite

Property in Florida

Florida offers some of the most amazing luxury holiday homes for sale in Sarasota including all the way down to Miami and all the way back up to Fort Lauderdale. The area is the home to endless possibilities with Fort Launderdale becoming very popular with our Superyacht clients who own both properties and luxury yachts in the area.

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