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This playground for the rich and UHNWI is without doubt the most sought after area for luxury property in Europe, buying a property in Monaco is based more on the location than actual build qualities or style of the property. We have some of the finest real estate for sale in Monaco and we are happy to arrange a private viewing with you from one of our own representatives.

The area itself might be one of the smallest countries but what it lacks for in size it definitely makes up for in attitude. Monaco is the home to one of the largest superyacht boat shows in the world as well as the annual Formula One Grand Prix.

Monte Carlo is world famous for its spectacular apartment blocks, high rise hotels and impressive superyachts it is no wonder that the destination is known for its wealth. Many tourists also take the opportunity to travel to the south if France down the French Riviera which is best known for its sun-soaked stretch of coastline around the Mediterranean waters.

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